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Pikachu was the blemish brilliant of the Pokémon franchise. He accustomed himself as the amulet of the series, which was helped by the actuality that he was beautiful abundant to address to girls while actuality badass abundant for boys to adulation him.

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Pikachu rose through the ranks of Nintendo’s first-party characters, to the point area his acclaim eclipsed that of Link and Mario for a continued time.

When you become as acclaimed as Pikachu, you can get abroad with a lot added arguable behavior. Pikachu has done some absolutely camp things during his time in the limelight, which hasn’t afflicted his acclaim one bit.

We are actuality today to attending at the times aback Pikachu took liberties with his cachet as the best popular Pokémon of all time. From his abrupt heel-turn as a affiliate of Aggregation Rocket, to the time he afflicted Porygon for his crimes.

Here are the 15 Best Disturbing Things Pikachu Has Ever Done!

Team Rocket accept been block Pikachu for twenty-years now. You would anticipate that they would accept gotten apathetic of the connected defeats and embarrassments by now, but they still accumulate on trucking.

There was a abrupt moment aback it seemed as if Aggregation Rocket had assuredly able their mission. In the adventure “A Scare to Remember!”, Ash and the assemblage are all agape out by one of Aggregation Rocket’s machines alarming up.

The consistent access acquired Pikachu to briefly lose his memories. Meowth managed to argue him that he belonged to Aggregation Rocket, which led to Pikachu clearly acceptable a affiliate of the group.

Ash and his accompany administer to adeptness Pikachu and restore his memories afore too abundant accident could be done, but it’s credible that Pikachu does accept the abeyant to be wicked. All it took was a abbreviate blooper of his anamnesis for Pikachu to become a villain.

There is a delusion that Rock-type Pokémon are accustomed to Electric-type moves. This is because all of the Rock-type Pokémon in Pokémon Red & Blue were additionally Ground-types, which meant that they were accustomed to Electric-types. A abandoned Rock-type wouldn’t be accustomed to Electric-type moves.

The Pokémon anime went the added way by acceptance Electric-type Pokémon to defeat Rock/Ground-types through cheating. The best belled archetype of this happened in the adventure “Riddle Me This”, during the Gym activity amid Ash and Blaine.

Pikachu defeated Blaine’s Rhydon through cheating, as Ash ordered told Pikachu to advance Rhydon’s horn. This move shouldn’t accept worked, as Rhydon is allotment Ground-type, which agency that it is accustomed to Electric-type moves.

The anime would occasionally just change the rules on a whim, which meant that Ash cheated already afresh to win a Gym Badge.

Pikachu’s defeat of Rhydon spawned an Internet meme alleged “Aim for the horn!”, which is absolutely an incorrect quote, as Ash absolutely said “Pikachu, the horn!”

The aboriginal few seasons of the Pokémon anime were by far the best absorbing of the absolute show’s run. This was because the appearance hadn’t become a hit yet, so the writers were added accommodating to agreement and acquaint altered kinds of belief that didn’t necessarily gel with the assize of the games.

When the Pokémon anime became a hit, the accommodation was fabricated to accomplish the appearance cyclical, so that it could address to new ancestors of kids as the earlier ones confused on to altered things. This has meant that the appearance adheres to a austere cachet quo, area belief and plots are reused over the years.

One of the agency in which the Pokémon anime contradicts the video amateur is with the moves that Pokémon can use. Ash’s Pikachu has acclimated several altered actionable moves in the anime, which accept included the time he used Leer adjoin a Houndour. Pikachu are clumsy to apprentice the Leer move at all in the games.

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Nintendo already approved their best to be the best family-friendly aggregation in the video bold market. This would eventually account them to lose access in the industry, as the PlayStation started absolution amateur that would address to earlier gamers, which is what Nintendo’s aloft admirers had developed into.

In an advance to win aback the boyish and developed gamers, Nintendo started absolution added risque and agitated amateur on the Nintendo 64. This included Conker’s Bad Fur Day, which was a Rare-developed bold that featured copious amounts of swearing and blood.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day was originally activity to affection a adornment by Pikachu, whose appendage would be apparent aloft a desk. Conker would run afield of a mob boss, who would exhausted up a Pikachu during a meeting. This accurate was removed at the appeal of Nintendo, admitting admirers of the bold accept been able to charm the arena application appetite tools.

The English adaptation of Pokémon Red & Blue was missing a attenuate clue apropos the origins of Mewtwo. The Pokémon Mansion has several affidavit broadcast about it, which capacity how Mewtwo was created.

The English adaptation fabricated it assume as if a aggregation created Mewtwo, while the Japanese adaptation states that alone a distinct actuality was involved. This actuality is additionally awful appropriate to be Mr. Fuji.

The Latin American adaptation of Cartoon Network has created a agnate adventure apropos the origins of Pikachu. The approach acclimated to run abrupt biographical segments amid shows that gave advice apropos the best accepted characters on their programs.

The articulation that focused on Pikachu explained that he was created by Professor Oak in an agreement gone wrong, which resulted in the abolition of Oak’s lab. This makes Pikachu complete like one of the analytic kids from Akira, rather than a beautiful and caressible amulet character.

There accept been abounding different Pokémon mangas appear over the years, some of which absolutely predate the anime.

One of the best notorious Pokémon manga alternation was called The Electric Tale of Pikachu, due to the copious amounts of fan account that bare to be censored.

It seems that the architect of The Electric Tale of Pikachu was a huge fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, as he included a huge advertence to the show.

The adaptation of Ash Ketchum who appeared in The Electric Tale of Pikachu named his Pikachu afterwards Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Ash introduces his Pokémon to Misty as Jean Luc Pikachu, who briefly wears a Starfleet brand on his chest.

It’s a abashment that this element of Pokémon lore never fabricated it into the anime, as Patrick Stewart would accept accustomed an amazing achievement as Pikachu. You absolutely charge to accept spent best of your activity on the date in adjustment to appropriately advance the chat “Pikachu.”

The abstraction of bodies and Pokémon fusing into one actuality has been a accepted one with fans. Bold Freak accept mostly abandoned this idea, which adeptness be because the Digimon franchise has already acclimated it and run it into the ground.

The abutting we commonly see to human/Pokémon admixture happens in the Mystery Dungeon series, as some of the amateur brilliant bodies who were adapted into Pokémon.

The Pokémon anime absolutely featured an adventure area Ash was adapted into a Pikachu. In the adventure “Hocus Pokémon”, Ash and his accompany appointment a witch alleged Lily who possesses the adeptness to use Pokémon Magic.

Lily needs bewitched capacity in adjustment to accomplish a spell, which Ash helps her find. The adventure concludes with Lily transforming Ash into a Pikachu, which he thinks is awesome.

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The questions aloft by this adventure accept been a accepted best for fanfictions. What would accept happened if Misty or Brock had bent Ash in a Pokéball? Would he still abide captured aback he alternate to his animal form?

The bodies at Bold Freak are all cheating assholes. They accept no botheration administration rules for the kinds of moves that each Pokémon can apprentice on the player, yet they adulation to breach the rules for the NPC trainers that you activity in the game.

Lance of the Elite Four is the best belled bilker in the series, with his illegally under-leveled Dragonites and his Aerodactyl that can use Rock Slide. He was additionally cheating aback in Pokémon Red & Blue, as his Dragonite knew Barrier, which was additionally an actionable move at the time.

Pokémon Colosseum featured a cheating Pikachu who uses an actionable move. There is a trainer alleged Bodybuilder Rapoz who uses a Pikachu that knows Tackle.

A Pikachu cannot apprentice Tackle in any of the ancestors of Pokémon games, admitting it did accretion its own different move alleged Volt Tackle in the after generations. Pikachu has additionally acclimated Tackle in the Pokémon anime.

Evolution in the Pokémon world is acutely messed up. Charles Darwin would accept concluded up in a brainy academy if he had approved to assignment it out for himself.

The Alola arena from Pokémon Sun & Moon introduced new forms of old Pokémon that had acquired abnormally due to active in the close climate. The Vulpix band acquired Ice-type powers, while Exeggutor angry into a behemothic dragon tree. This was the case for most Pokémon, with the barring of Pikachu.

According to the official Pokémon website, the acumen why the Alolan adaptation of Raichu became a Psychic-type Pokémon is due to the actuality that the Pikachu’s in the arena ate so abounding pancakes that they became ablaze and creamy as a result.

This adorable breakfast amusement is what accustomed the Pikachu band to accretion X-Men-style superpowers, which agency that they charge accept eaten a ton of them.

There is a acclaimed adventure involving Disney aggressive acknowledged activity adjoin a Daycare Center, due to the actuality that it had pictures of Disney characters fatigued on the walls. This fabricated Disney attending like jerks over article that was absolutely harmless.

As such, you rarely see acknowledged claims over appearance buying aback there is no accumulation involved. This aphorism basically had to be created as the Internet grew bigger, as it was absurd to axis the course of fanworks that were actuality created.

In 2015, the Pokémon Aggregation issued a acknowledged blackmail adjoin the organizers of an actionable pre-PAX affair that was actuality captivated in Seattle. This was a Pokémon-themed party, area guests were encouraged to dress like their favorite Pokémon character while they got bashed and played Smash Bros. 

The affair had been accident every year back 2011, so it is analytical that the Pokémon Aggregation waited so continued to shut it down. One of their complaints was due to the actuality that Pikachu was featured acutely on the affiche for the event. The sold-out accident had to be canceled.

The acceptance of Pikachu has ensured that he has appeared on added pieces of Pokémon merchandise than any added animal in the series. You won’t be seeing Grimer or Pinsir on the advanced of a bound copy Nintendo 3DS anytime soon.

With so much Pokémon merchandise actuality released, it’s alone accustomed that one of them would eventually accept a defect. Nintendo appear a set of adaptable buzz batteries that featured a Pikachu architecture and a Pokéball design. These buzz batteries eventually bare to be recalled, due to the actuality that they were overheating to the point area they were set on fire.

The Pikachu adaptable buzz batteries had a addiction to overheat, due to a accomplishment issue. This acquired them to alpha smoker and would set afire if larboard on for continued enough. These were bound recalled, with Nintendo alms refunds to those who alternate them to the store.

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The bodies who dress up like the Disney characters at Disneyland booty their job abundantly seriously. They will do whatever it takes to accomplish abiding they aren’t apparent alfresco of costume. Those guys and girls in huge amulet apparel are committed to advancement kayfabe, alike it agency abasing themselves in the process.

A camp adventure happened at the Pokémon Apple Festival in the burghal of Songdo in South Korea. A accumulation of bodies in inflatable Pikachu apparel were dancing to songs for a army aback one of the apparel access and started to deflate.

Rather than acquiesce the aerialist to alibi himself after advancing the show, a accumulation of black-suited men access assimilate the date and abject the abbreviating Pikachu away, as if he was actuality arrested for committing a murder.

The blow of the Pikachus kept on dancing, while a arena from an Oliver Stone cine was arena out abaft them.

It seems that all aggressive agenda amateur accept to eventually actualize a ban list, in adjustment to stop assertive cards from ruining tournaments. This happened adequately bound with Magic: The Gathering, as cards like Black Lotus offered players an arbitrary advantage. Yu-Gi-Oh! had to delay a little longer, but the accession of Yatagarasu afflicted Konami’s duke and they had to actualize a ban list.

There are additionally some cards that are banned because they are too abundant of a affliction to accomplish in tournaments. One of the capital examples of this in the Pokémon Trading Agenda Game happened with the agenda alleged “____’s Pikachu.” The bare amplitude is there so that the amateur can address their own name on the card.

The acumen ____’s Pikachu was banned was that its ability was added if it was the player’s birthday. This would crave players to accept to prove it was their birthday, otherwise, anyone could aloof affirmation that it was their birthday. It would accept been a nuisance to adapt at tournaments, so the agenda was banned.

With the barring of Meowth of Aggregation Rocket, all of the Pokémon in the apple can alone say their name. There are some Analytic and Ghost-type Pokémon that can acquaint through telepathy, like Mewtwo and Gastly, but the all-inclusive majority of Pokémon are bound to their own name.

Pikachu’s bound cant didn’t stop him from recording the catastrophe affair to the XYZ series of the Pokémon anime. “Pikachu’s Song” appearance Pikachu singing with others of his kind, while alone adage his name.

We aren’t absolutely abiding what he is adage exactly: for all we apperceive Pikachu could be singing “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails, “Heroin” by The Velvet Underground, or “Cop Killer” by Body Count.

It’s a abashment that Pikachu wasn’t about in the UK in 1994, as a song that acclimated a distinct chat in its lyrics fabricated it to #1 on the charts. Pikachu absent out on a gold record!

The Pokémon franchise exploded in acceptance in a way that its creators could never accept anticipated. There are absolute ancestors of accouchement to whom Pokémon was the best important affair in their lives.

In 1997, an adventure happened that could accept destroyed Pokémon. The abominable adventure accepted as “Electric Soldier Porygon” aired on television for the aboriginal time. It featured a arena of aflame red and dejected lights that were said to accept acquired an beginning of epileptic seizures amid the accouchement of Japan.

The Pokémon franchise survived, but one appearance was afflicted into Limbo for his crimes — Porygon. The focus of the abominable adventure was Porygon, which meant that he took the abatement for everything.

So what does Pikachu accept to do with all of this? It was his advance that acquired the red and dejected flashes in the aboriginal place! Pikachu acclimated one of his electric bolts to abort some missiles that were accursed at Ash and his friends, which acquired them to backfire and actualize the aflame aftereffect which afflicted so abounding people.

Pikachu was the aureate boy of the Pokémon franchise and the aggregation capital to assure him, so Porygon took all the accusation and it has about been abandoned from the anime in adjustment to assure Pikachu’s reputation.

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Can you anticipate of any added messed things Pikachu has done in Pokémon? Let us apperceive in the animadversion section!

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